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Product Grouped Feature

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Grouped Products are simple products to a single parent product. This allows the customer to add products from a range, or a couple of products from within a range, to their cart on one page instead of navigating to several different pages to do so.

Often they will produce several similar products that appeal to different customers. A collection of such products is known as a “product group” or “product range”.

Good examples of product groups include: Apple’s range of laptops (MacBook), desktops (iMac), tablets (iPad), smartphones (iPhone) and wearables (iWatch)

1. Configure Metafield in Shopify Dashboard

In Shopify backend, go to Settings > Metafield option to create a Metafield definition.

Shopify backend > Settings option
Metafields option > Choose Products definitions

Choose Products option and then click the Add definition button to add Metafield definition.

Metafields option > Choose Products definitions

The Namespce and key is required: theme.grouped

Required key: theme.grouped

After adding all information for definition, please click the Select content type button to add a type for the Product Grouped metafield.

Tick on Accept list of values checkbox to choose more than 1 product

Then click Save button to save all changes, we will got the metafield definition as image below:

Required key: theme.grouped

2. Configure Metafield in Products

In Shopify backend, go to Products > All Products option and open the product that you wanna add the Product Grouped. Example: I open the Magnhild Organic Cotton product:

In the product, please scroll down to the bottom of the page, you will see the Product Grouped metafield option. Kindly follow the video below:

3. Configure Metafield Product Grouped in Theme Customize

In Shopify backend, click the Customize button to go to Theme backend:

Go to Product page > Choose the product that you wanna configure the Product Grouped here:

In Product main, click on Product Form option, on the right side, scroll to bottom of Setting sidebar, you will see the option to choose Metafield here:

  • You can click the Select products button to choose list of products you wanna use. But if you choose the list products, those products will show on all products.
  • Click connect dynamic source button to choose the metafield product grouped product list that you configure on point 1. When you use metafield, the product grouped will different from each product.

  • Show product current checkbox: If you tick on this checkbox, the parent/ main product will be added to the grouped option, so you can add to cart/ buy the main product.
  • Quantity value default: You can set the default quantity for the products on Grouped product here. If you wanna sell minimum 1 products, you can set 1 here. By default, quantity is 0.

You can check the image below:

Please follow the video below to know how to configure the metafield Product Grouped:

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