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Top List Collections

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This function allows showing list collections below the header. It will help customers easily find the collection they want.

1. Customization Options of top list Collections

1.1. General Options

  • Show top collections: Enable this option to show the Top list Collections below the header.
Enable Top List Collections Option
  • Select collections to show: This option allows you to select the collections you want to show. There are 3 types: All, Added collections, and Menu collections.
Select Collections To Show
Options Top List Collections
  • Sort collections by: Sorting only applies when “All” is selected. This function allows rearranging the order of collections.
  • Custom top collections height: You can change the height of top Collections by dragging the range slider.
  • Border: You can add the border for the top list Collections with the None, Top, Bottom, or Top + Bottom position.
  • List collections align: This option allows you to align it. You can change the Left, Center, and Right alignment.
  • Hidden on mobile: When you enable this option, the top list Collections will be hidden on the mobile device.

Option For Items

Option For Items
  • Space between items: You can change the spacing between the items, please drag the range slider.
  • Color/Color hover: It allows changing of the text color.
  • Font family: This option allows you to change the font of the text.

Font size, Line height, font-weight, and Letter spacing options help you style the text of the top list Collections. You can drag the range slider to edit it.

If you want the text italic, you can Enable the font style italic option.

  • Use prev next button: Creates and shows previous & next buttons. Only works when the screen is not enough to show all items.
Pre Next Button

1.2. Design Options

Design Options
  • Layout: There are 3 types of layout Container, Wrapped Container, and Full-width.
  • Background/Background gradient/Background image options allow you to design the background of the top list Collection.
  • Margin/Padding: These options if you do not use them, you can blank.

2. Add Collections for the top list Collections

Add Collections For Top List Collections

You can add collections here to show the collections that you want. Please click the Add Collection then you will see 2 elements Collection and Icon.

  • Collection: You will select the collections that you want to show.
  • Icon: You can add the Icon from The4 Icon Library to show next to the collections.

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