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Page Heading

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Page Heading of the Collect Page will automatically show the collection heading and allows you can customize it.

1. General Options

  • Background image: This option allows you can change the background with the image. It will show when you Disable “Specify other image for particular page” option.
Background Image
  • Specify other image for particular page: This option will show the collection image. You can change it please click Products -> Collections -> Select Collection that you want to change -> Edit the Collection Image
Specify Other Image For Particular Page
  • Use scroll parallax?: This option will help your image show the Parallax effect for the Collection Heading.
Use scroll parallax
  • Background color: This option allows you can add color to the background.
  • Background overlay: You can add the overlay of background color by dragging the range slider.
Background Color And Overlay
  • Padding/Margin space: You can change the spacing item on each device.
  • Content align: Set the alignment for the content (Left, Center, Right).
Content Align

Background Image Config

Note: These options will work when you Disable “Use Scroll Parallax” option.

  • Background image position: There are many positions for you to select. They will help change the position of the image.
Background Image Position
  • Background repeat: Choose the background repeat you want to show for the Background image here. This feature will work when you select background size is Contain. For example Repeat, No-repeat, Vertically, etc.
  • Background size: Choose the background size you want to show for the Background image here. Example: Auto, Contain, Inherit, etc.
Background Repeat And Background Size

Custom CSS

This is an extended option if you want to style the Collection heading separately. It requires you to have skills in CSS coding. However, you can completely ignore it, we also have many options for you to customize. To use this option, you need to Enable “Use Custom CSS”.

Custom CSS

2. Page Heading

This option allows customizing the Page Heading and Description Collection in detail.

2.1. Page heading

  • Page heading: This feature automatically shows the heading of the current page, please leave it blank. Note: It does not work with the ‘Blog’ and ‘Collection’ page.
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