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From your Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Themes > Customize > Theme settings > Product Item. The setting will apply for the product grid on Home page, Collection page, Product Recommendation &  product recently viewed on the Product page.

1. Settings

1.1. Enable ‘Product url has link collection’?

This option help remove “collections/collection-name” from the URL and make it lead to “product”. It mean the URL will be changed from “your domain/collections/collection-name/products/product-name to “your domain/products/product-name”.  You can check on this guide for detail.

1.2. Quick view

  • Enable quick view?: When you enable this option, your customer can see more details about the product on the home page. Quick View will show when you hover on image product
  • Quick view Type: There are 2 types. They are:

Hidden sidebar

Popup Center

1.3. Enable rating

It helps you show product ratings. You can install one of these apps that has theme support integrated from Reviews settings from the Products section. Please go to this link for details: Link

If you install the other apps, you can contact the support team app to integrate them.

1.4. Enable Add to cart, Select option, quick shop

It helps you show all these buttons that are displayed on the product item.

1.5. Enable quantity selector

Turn on this option to display the quantity selector for the product.

1.6. Bordered style (3 types)

There are 3 types design:

  • None design
  • In your image: This option sets the border for the image product.
  • In your grid: This option add borders between the products in your grid

2. Color Swatches

2.1. Enable color swatches

This option allows you to display the color swatches.

2.2. Swatches style

There are two styles for you, including circle and square.

2.3. Swatch item style

There are 2 styles for you including, color and image variant.

You will need to go to Shopify Admin > Add the image for the variant product, then the image variant color will be shown.

2.4. Show type

  • All color: All the variant colors of the product will be shown.
  • Only color available: It means only displaying the color variants that are available and hiding the color variants that are not available.

Example: You’ll see the yellow variant color of this product is not available (quantity = 0)

When you select Only color available option, the yellow variant color will be hidden.

2.5. Enable swatch limited

If you have too many swatches, they will grow into more than one line, which is not desirable. Instead, this option helps you only show one line, and show a “+X” if there are too many swatches.

2.6. Action click swatch ‘+X’

There are 2 types. You can select one of them:

  • Go to Product page:  When you click the “+X“, it’ll redirect you to the product page. Customer can see the product details.
  • Expand all color: When you click the “+X” icon, all variant colors will be expanded.

3. Size list

3.1. Enable size list

It allows you to enable the size list variant or not.

3.2. Size list position

You can show the size list Above image or Below info. Please follow this video below for details:

3.3. Show type

  • All size: All the variant colors of the product will be shown.
  • Only size available: It means only displaying the size variants that are available and hiding the size variants that are not available.

3.4. Enter variant name you want show size:

Example: if you want to show the variant with name: Taille

You can enter variant name that you want to show to the the box.

4. Product images

4. 1. Maximum images to show

Customers can see the first image if you select option ‘1’ when you hover over the product item. And the customers can see the second image if you select option ‘2’.

4.2. Image hover effects

  • Opacity: The opacity property specifies the opacity and transparency of the image product when you hover on the image
  • Zoom: Picture will be zoom in when you move mouse to

4.3. Enable image hover effect for first image

It allows you to enable the image hover effect for the first image when you hover over the product item.

4.4. Enable image shadow, round

It allows you to enable the shade and set the round for the image.

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