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In this guide, you will have all of the information you need to get started with configuring General Layout in the theme immediately.

You can watch this tutorial video to know more about Layout

1. Open layout settings

From Design Dashboard -> Theme Settings -> Layout.

2. Site Width

This section allows you to adjust layout for the whole store and you can select between these options:

  • Full width
  • Boxed
  • Content full width
  • Wide (1600px)
  • Custom width

Site width options

Let see an example:

3. Site background

Only set the background color & image with “BOXED” layout.

Site background

  • Select color: You can change color for your background.
  • Background image: Change background image by Select image > Upload.

Site with background color

3.1. Background repeat

There are various styles of background repeat. Go here to find more.

3.2. Background size

You can choose among default, contain, inherit, cover. Go here to find more.

3.3. Background attachment

You can choose among fixed, scroll, inherit. Go here to specify whether the background images are fixed or scrolls with the rest of the page.

3.4. Background position

You can choose among default, left top, left center, etc. Go here to specify the position of the background images.

Let see an example:

Site with Default Background Attachment and Fixed Background Attachment

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