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How to update the theme?

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1. Can I update from Kalles 1.x.x, 2.x.x, 3.x.x to Kalles 4.x.x?

You cannot update from Kalles 1.x.x, 2.x.x, 3.x.x to Kalles 4.x.x because the theme structure (core) of the versions is different. Kalles versions 3 and 4 are Shopify 2.0 compatible themes, Kalles versions 1 and 2 are not. That means if you want to upgrade your current version, you will have to rebuild your site.

You might consider that if your old version is stable then you should keep it. Meanwhile, you can install the new version and rebuild it in Draft mode. In this process, you can also refresh the content or design for your online store. When everything is done, you can publish it replacing the old version.

Information about updated versions will be notified by Envato via your email or visit

Visit here for our latest theme installation guide.

2. Update with Kalles theme same version

The same version here means you can update the theme from version 2.7.2 to 2.7.4 or 3.1.1 to 3.2.0, etc.

2.1. With Kalles 2.7.4 and earlier

Move the theme configuration

Please follow these steps below to move the theme configuration:

  1. Open the old theme. Click Theme actions -> Edit code -> Open settings_data.json file -> Copy the entire code on this file
  2. Open the new theme. Similar to the Step 1, after opening setting_data.json you will delete all the code here. Then paste the code copied from the old theme.
  3. All data of the theme configuration updated from old to new version. You can click to Preview option to see the result.

Move the translation text

If you are using a different language like French or simple you have to change some English words from default to your so you have to move them from the old theme version to a new theme version. You can do the steps below.

  1. Open the old theme version. Click Edit code -> Open the Locales folder. Opening the language file you are using. For example, if your store uses French, you need to open the file fr.json.

    You need to copy all the data on this file.

  2. Open the new theme version. Similar to the Step 1, paste all content here. After all done, your translate language will be auto updated on the new version.

Some notes after updating the theme

Note 1: The updated theme cannot do the previous customizations that you made in the old theme. For example, custom code and built-in apps will not automatically migrate to your new theme. You will have to manually migrate and re-integrate the apps.

Note 2: After you upload the theme, you must press the button “Update on online store” to update the variant color. If you do not press the update button, the variant colors will not show up like the color that you created earlier.

2.2. Update theme between versions compatible with Shopify 2.0

From Kalles 3.x.x onwards, we have upgraded the theme to be compatible with Shopify 2.0. So there will be a slight change in theme update compared to Kalles version 2.x.x.

Move the theme configuration

  1. You need to move the setting_data.json from old theme to the latest theme. Similar to the move setting_data.json of the Kalles 2.x.x. You can follow the guide previous.
  2. Move index.json file. You can do the same as you did with settings_data.json file.
  3. In addition to copying the settings_data.json file you also need to copy all other .json files in the templates folder to new version. You can do the same as you did with settings_data.json file.

Move the translation text

Preserving your translations is similar to the operations in Kalles version 2.x.x. You can review the instructions above.

After you add an updated theme

After you have added an updated version of your theme to your online store, you can do the following: You can work on your theme in the theme library before you publish it. Adding an Online Store 2.0 theme to your theme library doesn’t impact your current theme or any other themes in the library. When you make changes to your theme or switch to a new theme, it doesn’t affect the other parts of your account. You can play around with different theme styles and settings without worrying about the rest of the content in your store.

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